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On Pear Trees and Purposeful Prayer

Sometimes I am so distraught over the foolishness of my high school students. Why? Why would you challenge another student to throw a water bottle down the entire length of the school hallway in the minutes between classes when you know such actions have been forbidden? Why would you insult the classmate that you know is especially sensitive to comments about her character? Why? And, then, the Lord brings me Augustine's Confessions. Every fall, I start my 10th Grade English course with Augustine's Confessions. This is not of my own choosing. This was part of the school's curriculum long before I had even graduated high school myself. And, I am thankful for that - thankful for things chosen for me that I desperately need. Really, all of the most beautiful and wonderful things in my life are those that have been chosen for me long before I began to consider them. Each fall this text chosen for me to teach invites me to reconsider Augustine's childhood. It invites